What We Do

The Senior Pride Network

  • Works with governments at all levels to affect change in legislation, regulations and public policy.
  • Engages in public education and advocacy to create awareness about 2SLGBTTQI+ elders, seniors, and older people and promote social change.
  • Conducts education and provides resource materials for service providers, government agencies, and community organizations.  
We believe in and advocate for the right to be 2SLGBTTQI+ elders, seniors, and older persons, and to access programs and services that are responsive to and designed for our needs.

The Network engages in:

  • Educating groups, individuals and organizations about the network and its activities
  • Raising awareness of the issues faced by 2SLGBTTQI+, elders, seniors and older persons in Toronto and beyond

  • Advocating with various levels of government and funding bodies regarding the needs and issues faced by older 2SLGBTTQI+ people
  • Promoting healthy public policy and the provision of funding of appropriate services and programs

  • Sharing information and ideas among members to promote increased knowledge and coordination of services, partnerships and program development
  • Inviting participation in the network and its activities

  • Projects related to its goals, e.g. research, needs assessment, resource development, program development or service provision.


Since its founding in 2002, The Senior Pride Network has hosted several conferences focused on the needs and concerns of 2SLGBTTQI+ elders, seniors, and older persons. We have organized forums, panels, workshops, information sessions and other events aimed at expanding and improving programs and services for 2SLGBTTQI+ communities and to educate and inform service providers, government agencies and community organizations about the issues and concerns important to 2SLGBTTQI+ elders, seniors, and older persons.


Webinar Series, Elder Abuse in 2SLGBTIQQA Communities

Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario (EAPO), in partnership with the Senior Pride Network and FARFO (Fédération des aînés et des retraités francophones de l'Ontario) are hosting a free webinar lecture series, Elder Abuse in 2SLGBTIQQA Communities. Session summaries and speaker biographies are attached in a PDF document.
LBGTQ2S Lecture Series 2020.pdf
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Recent activities and events have included:

Existence is Resistance

An intergenerational event to mark International Day of Older Persons, to celebrate 2SLGBTTQI+ advocacy past and present, and to proclaim The Senior Pride Network's Advocacy Charter and Declaration of the Rights of 2SLGBTTQI+ Elders, Seniors and Older Persons.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
2:00 PM to 4:30 PM 
The 519 Church Street Community Centre, Ballroom (2nd Floor)
2019 - int day older persons poster_1.pdf
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LGBTQI+ End of Life workshop

A partnership with The 519 and the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly, November 2017

LGBT Tool Kit, Creating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Inclusive and Affirming Care and Services

Long-Term Care Homes & Services, City of Toronto, 2017.  Senior Pride Network participated with other community and service organizations in the community consultations and in providing feedback, lived experiences and advice in the development of this tool kit for the City of Toronto’s long-term care facilities.

Tell It Like It Is

Funded by the Ministry of Seniors Affairs, 2016-2017, in partnership with The 519: a series of five community chat and learn panels on topics such as “Aging as a person of colour”, “Aging with a disability”, “Aging as a queer community activist”.

Time After Time: Then and Now

In partnership with The 519 and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, June 2017, intergenerational seniors’ social event funded by Pride Toronto.

The Youth/Elders Project

In partnership with The 519 and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, September 2016 - June 2017, which culminated in a seven-evening stage performance featuring seven queer youth and six queer seniors and was the first stage collaboration of this kind.

7 steps to a super 2SLGBTQI+ inclusive agency

Workshops conducted for advantAGE and the Ontario Long-Term Care Association and at the International Federation on Ageing conference.

What's So Queer About Dying?

A panel/discussion/community forum in 2016 on end-of-life issues and concerns, in partnership with the 519.

Hosted Opening the Closet on Aging: Wired to Connect

Conference held during World Pride 2014 (co-hosted with The 519)