Training and Capacity Building


The 519 Church Street Community Centre: The 519 Education and Training Team offer workshops and resources that support safe, welcoming and inclusive care environments for LGBTQ older people. The training supports organizations and individuals to understand the needs of LGBTQ adults. Workshops will help participants to:
- identify and discuss reasons an older LGBTQ person may be distrustful of the health or social care systems and/or reluctant to seek the care they need
- demonstrate and share an empathetic understanding of the barriers faced by older LGBTQ people
- make appropriate use of pronouns
- propose ways to foster a safe and LGBTQ-inclusive care environment for older people, their friends and chosen families


Ontatio Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)

Rainbow Health

Rainbow Health


Diversity Our Strength LGBT Toolkit

Developed in 2008 by Toronto Long Term Care Homes and Services, Diversity Our Strength offers an in-depth training guide for City of Toronto long-term care facilities to build LGBT inclusive spaces for their residents and staff.

Seniors Mental Health Policy Lens Toolkit

The Seniors Mental Health Policy Lens Toolkit is framed through perspectives of diverse seniors, and aims to facilitate seniors’ mental health and wellbeing. It provides recommendations that can be used as a framework for developing programs, policies and practices that are inclusive of gay and lesbian seniors and their perspectives.

United States

Inclusive Services for LGBT Older Adults: A Practical Guide to Creating Welcoming Agencies

A guide created by the National Resource Centre on LGBT Aging in New York City, designed to help service providers to understand the unique barriers that LGBT older adults face, as well as the many ways to improve and expand the continuum of care and services available.