Suspension of activities

The Senior Pride Network Toronto has suspended activities and is not holding any meetings,  including the quarterly meeting of the members, for the foreseeable future.


Because of the diversity of 2SLGBTTQI+ elders, seniors and older persons and their life experiences, The Senior Pride Network advocates on their behalf adopting an intersectional, anti-oppression and equity-seeking approach.  For more about the SPN's advocacy, please use the link below to  access The Senior Pride Network Advocacy Charter.  

Older 2SLGBTTQI+ Issues

2SLGBTTQI+ elders, seniors, and older persons face a number of issues that have impacted their lived experiences and may have affected their mental or physical health and their overall well-being. Gaining an understanding of those issues is critical to informing government, service providers and community organizations about how to provide appropriate policies, programs and services, and positive, caring environments for older 2SLGBTTQI+ people.  Our pamphlet, Getting to Know The Senior Pride Network  has more information. 
2SLGBTTQI+ seniors, COVID-19 and Ontario's Long-Term Care System
In October 2020, The Senior Pride Network Toronto and six other Ontario organizations made a written submission to Ontario's Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission that addressed, from the vantage point of what happened with COVID-19, the specific issues and concerns of 2SLGBTTQI+ seniors about the LTC system in Ontario and LTC homes generally.  It made recommendations to the Commission and the Ontario Government for improving the LTC system and ensuring that it is inclusive of and responsive to the needs and concerns of 2SLGBTTQI+ seniors who are residents of LTC.
Ontario Senior Pride Response to Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission Report
Ontario Senior Pride and The Senior Pride Network Toronto respond to the Commission's report and recommendations.

Older 2SLGBTTQI+ Resources

Our members have compiled a list of 2SLGBTTQI+ focused and 2SLGBTTQI+ friendly organizations and services, training resources, and research findings. We link to a wide variety of resources across the Greater Toronto Area, Canada, and the international 2SLGBTTQI+ community.